Progressive Screens
Progressive Screens

PROGRESSIVE SCREENS is a leading manufacturer of motorized screening solutions for patios, garages, windows, lanais, gazebos, picture windows, outside eating areas, carports, entryways, and more! We offer both residential and commercial applications to enhance your outdoor lifestyle.

MAGNATRACK! Our Patented track system overcomes inherent hangup issues, re-wrapping, and dislodging from side tracks that ALL other ZIPPER systems incur! The MagnaTrack system is only available through authorized Progressive Screen dealers and ELIMINATES 98% or more of common issues with competitive zipper systems. Internal Neodymium magnets allow the inner track to free float with no mechanical fasteners, it self-adjusts for un-level surfaces, and It is the only self-correcting motorized screen in the industry! GUARANTEED to outperform any competitive product and built to last a lifetime!

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Obstacle Detection Motors! Progressive Screens has partnered with Gaposa (Italian) motor option for the only triple-try obstacle detection. Together with the MagnaTrack make your motorized system almost issue-free, user-friendly, and the #1 Motorized Screen system available. Unmatched performance and designed to enhance your outdoor living area. Simu obstacle detection motors are also available with the MagnaTrack system.

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QUALITY! We pride ourselves on fast and accurate shipments. Most orders will be produced and shipped within 2-3 weeks. Every shipment is inspected at each step of production. A final quality control inspection ensures that only the finest quality product is shipped.

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Every component of your motorized screen is designed to enhance the performance of the system and is built to withstand the most rigorous conditions! Thus providing a World Class product at an affordable price.

Still not convinced? We’ve compiled a list of the features and benefits of our motorized screen system, as compared to other motorized screens. You will find that our reasoning behind everything we do in the manufacturing process is to provide you with the best possible product in the industry!

Request Information

  • Contact us through our form, email, or phone, or visit us in our Showroom to see samples and discuss project options.
  • You will receive a visit from the company owner at home to start the estimating process.
  • We will create and send you an estimate.
  • Visit on-site or in the showroom to look at drawings and decide on final details.
    • If you do not have building/remodeling plans drafted at this point we will:
      • Discuss the scope of the project.
      • Offer our design services.
    • If you already have construction plans completed we will:
      • Review the plans and discuss the scope of the project.
      • Together with you, complete a project survey.
  • The first deposit is due and the permitting process and creation of final drawings will be completed.
  • We will go over the final drawings.

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